An Hour Of Paradise

Developed at Documentary Campus Masterschool 2018





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Part 1: The clown's perspecive...

Part 2: The children's perspective...

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Laughter has a healing power. Two people are on a journey with a mission: To bring laughter to chil­dren and people whose lives have been scarred by war and sorrow.

Laughter creates happiness, and without feelings of happiness we eventually succumb. Children that live in war-torn regions, or have grown up in them, often do not have a lot to laugh about. This movie follows two extraordinary human be­ings that travel to war zones as clowns to, at least for a short period of time, distract those living there from their post-war trauma and sor­row. In the pro­cess, they build bridges, cross borders and push themselves to their own limits. Their journey takes us to conflict areas, and presents these to us through a perspective where tragedy meets humor. Parallel to the story of the two artists, that leads us through the film like a thread, we dive into the world of the children living in those regions. Be­sides the visits of the clowns, we view through the eyes of children the cosmos in which the locals live. This film obser­ves touching, entertaining and fascinating stories from them and the environment of these children, and enables us to view into the hearts of those most affected by war. How humor have a place in their lives? What makes them happy and where do they draw their strength from? And how does it feel for both sides, when an hour of paradise comes to an end?

A documentary about the incredible power of humour.




Scarlet Richter (writer, director) & OnnO Ehlers / Sandra Maischberger (producer; Vincent TV)

Miriam Brenner & Philipp Marth (Clowns ohne Grenzen Deutschland e.V.)


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